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Relocating beavers

Sergeant Shawn Carrell of the Las Vegas Supervisory District assisted with capturing two beavers from a private pond in Ledoux near Morphy Lake State Park.

In New Mexico, if there is permanent water with deep pools and the right kinds of riparian vegetation, there is a good chance beavers are hard at work making that place home. As ecosystem engineers, beavers can have significant impacts on the hydrology of a stream or river as they …

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Baja-Style Walleye Tacos

Baja-Style Walleye Tacos. Photo photo courtesy of Alexa Henry

Eric Frey, sportsfish program manager at the Department, adopted and adapted this recipe from local fishing guides in the Sea of Cortez. Baja fish tacos are traditionally made with salt water fish species such as dorado, cabrilla (grouper and sea bass) and trigger fish. Walleye has a firm flakey mild …

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