Recreational Opportunities

February, 2020

  • 14 February

    Department unveils River Ranch Wildlife Management Area

    Have you ever visited an outdoor spot where you could sense the importance of the area? No historical marker telling you so. No fanfare. You just simply felt the gravitas? That is the case for me with River Ranch, a new Department wildlife management area near Faywood, north of Deming. …

  • 14 February

    Conservation officers take hunter education grads on Barbary sheep hunt

    Isaac stalks sheep with Officer Felix, trying to get close to a herd. Department photo by Cody Johnston.

    There was a steady wind whipping through the canyons of southeast New Mexico, kicking dust in the air, the bushes looked like they would fly away at any second. The temperatures did not want to budge. There was no sign of letting up. It was no matter, though; only 20 …

  • 14 February

    Ice fishing in New Mexico

    Family fun with or without the sun Although sometimes the weather isn’t the most hospitable for ice fishing when the temperature drops to freezing and the wind picks up, with the right planning, preparation and gear, a day of ice fishing can be quite rewarding and fun for the whole …

September, 2019

  • 27 September

    Plan Your Next Outdoor in New Mexico

    Lake Roberts. Department photo. NMDGF

    Even if you’re not a hunter or angler, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish properties, as well as state and federal public lands, offer countless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and take in the beauty of New Mexico’s diverse landscapes. “New Mexico has an explosion of orange, red and …

June, 2019

  • 13 June

    Hunter education… why wait!

    Students learning the importance of shot placement at one of the Hunter Education camps at Washington Ranch near Carlsbad.

    Firearms safety. Ethical shot placement. Respect for natural resources. These may be some concepts that come to mind when you think of hunter education. In the 1940s, volunteer sportsmen and women who had the desire to raise ethical behaviors and actions by hunters while in the field established hunter education …

  • 13 June

    Blind hunter sets no limits for himself

    Mike Sanders with a pronghorn he harvested last August. Department photo by Craig Sanchez.

    With the help of good friends and adaptive equipment, Mike Sanders goes after big game When Mike Sanders lost his eyesight in an industrial accident at an oil refinery 15 years ago, he thought he would never hunt again. Today, he will hunt anything he can get a tag for …

  • 13 June


    Department photo by Tristanna Bickford.

    Merriam-Webster’s defines mentorship as the influence, guidance or direction given by a mentor. To me, mentorship means so much more. Earlier this year I was driving through Western New Mexico. It was pitch black, the complete cloud cover blacking out any hint of light from the moon and stars. The …

  • 13 June

    The art of the hunt… a daughter’s experience

    Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge wildlife biologist Jeff Sanchez guided Willow Springer during a youth hunt. The hunt is available only by annual lottery.

    You can hear the quiet — it’s that noticeable. Save for the silver tinkle of water trickling over an irrigation head gate on a small ditch several yards behind us, the pre-dawn dark is without sound, without motion. The stillness is as steady as the stars. I’m taken by the …

  • 13 June

    Selecting the best fishing opportunity

    Tingley Beach. Department photo by Ross Morgan.

    If you are an angler new to New Mexico fishing, there are a myriad of choices facing you. This goes for resident and non-resident anglers. These choices can be quite daunting to a newbie. I am sure that more than a few potential anglers “stalled out” and never pursued this …

May, 2019

  • 23 May

    What’s in a hunting dog?

    For some, the answer is everything. A dog can be a person’s best friend. A dog can also be used for work or therapy, service assistance, search and rescue and so much more. One dog profession that I am fond of is hunting. Hunters, mentors and guides gather on a …