Recreational Opportunities

September, 2020

  • 23 September

    New Mexico’s newest fishing challenge is here

    In January of 2020, the Department of Game and Fish launched the New Mexico Trout Challenge. This challenge was the first of its kind for New Mexico and encourages anglers to catch five of New Mexico’s trout species: the Rio Grande cutthroat trout, Gila trout, brown trout, brook trout and …

August, 2020

  • 26 August

    National Hunting and Fishing Day 2020

    National Hunting and Fishing Day is celebrated the fourth Saturday in September every year all across the United States. Launched in 1971 by Congress, National Hunting and Fishing Day recognizes hunters and anglers for their leadership in wildlife and conservation. There are many ways New Mexico’s hunters and anglers to celebrate …

July, 2020

  • 29 July

    It’s time to take the Trout Challenge

    Anglers in New Mexico are very fortunate to have such diverse fishing opportunities, especially when it comes to trout. With five different trout species all within a few hours of each other, catching part or all of them can be quite the challenge. In January 2020, the Department of Game …

  • 29 July

    Pursuing the Impossible Goat

    For the outdoorsman, New Mexico offers several excursions to partake in, especially when it comes to big game hunting. Every year, tens of thousands of hunters across the country apply for the annual New Mexico big game draw, and every year in April, those hunters are hoping, dreaming and praying …

  • 29 July

    Student Athletes Thrive in New Mexico’s Shotgun Education Program

    To many people, the warm and sunny day in mid-May 2015 might have seemed like just another day in Roswell. The air held a slight breeze, just enough to keep everyone comfortable in short sleeve shirts. Most people were thinking about upcoming graduations, summer plans, vacations, tasks that needed to …

  • 17 July

    My first hunt

    Fun, exciting, tiring, camping, hiking, learning, cold. This is how I describe my first elk hunt. About two years ago, I asked my dad if I could take the hunter education course. After taking and passing the course, I could put in for a big-game tag just like everyone else …

  • 17 July

    Red, green or squirrel?

    Have you ever considered small game hunting in New Mexico? Specifically, squirrel hunting? If not, you probably should. Everyone that put in for the big game draw will own a game-hunting license, which includes small game like squirrel. In addition to this license, you will need a habitat stamp and …

June, 2020

  • 24 June

    Beyond the classroom

    “Its’ like… being in line for a Disneyland ride!” declared Byron, age 17 from Farmington, New Mexico. Another hunter Aiden, 14 years old from Albuquerque stated: “That was very exhilarating!” A testimonial from another youth hunter who participated on the hunt. All hunt participants indicated that they learned a lifetime …

April, 2020

March, 2020

  • 24 March

    DIY: Easy to make bird feeders

    Attracting the widest variety of birds to your backyard can be a fun learning experience.

    Attracting the widest variety of birds to your backyard can be a fun learning experience. All it takes is a basic understanding of the different types of birdfeeders and a little creativity. Here are two types of easy-to-make bird feeders to attract birds. This activity will require tools and some …