Wildlife Conservation Education

August, 2022

April, 2022

  • 25 April

    Living with raccoons in urban areas

    Raccoons (Procyon lotor) are protected furbearers in New Mexico, with established seasons for running dogs, hunting and trapping. New Mexico has provisions for landowners to control furbearers that damage property. If you encounter problems, you must check with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish before trapping or using …

  • 25 April

    Get to know your wildlife neighbors!

    Have you ever been interested in learning more about the wildlife that lives in your neighborhood? Do you ever find yourself searching for fun things to do with your family on the weekend? Wildlife viewing in your backyard or neighborhood may be the solution! Nearly any backyard, porch or neighborhood …

July, 2021

  • 23 July

    Toad-ally awesome

    It’s monsoon season and the onset of rain breathes life into the desert Southwest again. Plants bloom, wildlife baby season is in full gear and many animals are in their activity peaks for the year. One group of animals that might exemplify how monsoonal rains revive this harsh landscape is …

  • 6 July

    Dry conditions could increase bear activity this year

    2020 was a year that will be hard to forget for most of us due to the pandemic. It was also a year that brought little to no moisture to many parts of New Mexico. Now, with 2021 close on last year’s heels with little to no moisture, we are …

  • 6 July

    How Wildlife Deals with Heat

    Compared to the snow-covered winter months and the resulting lack of resources brought by low temperatures, the warmer months might look easy for New Mexico wildlife species. But summer brings extreme heat to parts of our state and the struggle for animals to fulfill their daily needs is never-ending. Is …

May, 2021

  • 27 May

    Living with Wildlife

    Warmer temperatures bring increased wildlife activity and sometimes those animals find their way to our homes or property. They may be intentionally fed, watered and welcomed there in the case of things like bird feeders and baths, but they can also be unwanted visitors. However, before you make that nuisance …

March, 2021

  • 26 March

    Food and Water: How Much Does Wildlife Need?

    We all know that food and water are essential for survival, but as you’ve topped-off that glass or grabbed a snack at home, have you ever wondered just how much liquid and groceries our wildlife needs? The answer can vary greatly, based on the size of the animal. Even within …

  • 26 March

    Where Do All Those Fish Come From?

    The smile on a young child holding a shimmering rainbow trout, the first fish she has ever caught, while on a summer outing with her family; the weekend fly fisherman watching the deep pools and currents for that Rio Grande Cutthroat trout to strike the fly he skillfully cast out; …

February, 2021

  • 24 February

    Wildlife Lookalikes

    “Grayish brown and furry” could describe a lot of different wildlife in New Mexico. Even to a trained eye, a fleeting glimpse of a species might lead to an unclear identification because many of New Mexico’s wildlife have lookalikes, a separate species for which it may be confused. However, a …