Vol 62 #3 – Summer 2020

July, 2020

  • 29 July

    Black bear travels from northern New Mexico to Colorado Springs – and back

    Rick Winslow, bear and cougar biologist with the Department of Game and Fish, shares his thoughts on the map and the possible reasons for a black bear to travel so far—and then return to the area where it’s trek began months earlier: While it’s impossible to say exactly why this …

  • 29 July

    Student Athletes Thrive in New Mexico’s Shotgun Education Program

    To many people, the warm and sunny day in mid-May 2015 might have seemed like just another day in Roswell. The air held a slight breeze, just enough to keep everyone comfortable in short sleeve shirts. Most people were thinking about upcoming graduations, summer plans, vacations, tasks that needed to …

  • 29 July

    Don’t overlook those organ meats

    Last season I harvested a fork-antlered mule deer. After gutting it, I carefully bagged the liver and heart. I immediately placed these on ice inside my cooler. Before harvesting my deer, I spoke to four other hunters who were skinning bucks hanging in trees. None of these hunters had kept …

  • 29 July

    Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon

    New Mexico may be a landlocked state, but we do offer the opportunity to fish for salmon, a species that brings to mind the icy waters of coastal Alaska or the northern Atlantic. Kokanee is the only salmon species available to catch in New Mexico but it can be served …

  • 29 July

    Kids Tracks

    Cool Jobs at Game and Fish, Where do wildlife go during the winter months? and What animals do you see in the photos below?