Hunters and anglers use fresh air to survive 2020

Wow, what a challenging year 2020 has been! Some COVID-19 restrictions have put some severe kinks in hunting and fishing plans. Travel restrictions have made it hard to make it to our traditional and possibly favorite hunting or fishing honey hole. State parks closures and reduced hours have made it hard to make it out for first or last lights. Shelves at our favorite hunting and fishing stores are low on the stock that we needed for hunting and fishing trips.

Above: In 2019, Ashley Rodriquez took hunter education, passing both the written test and the practical exam with 100%. Because of her diligence in hunter education, she was entered into a drawing for one of only a few coveted pronghorn tags donated for these students. In 2020, Ashley faced COVID-19 challenges head-on as they ventured into the field to harvest her first pronghorn. Department photo by Ross Morgan.

However, hunters and anglers in New Mexico have been resilient in taking social distancing to the field. The Department looks forward to sharing in your hunting and fishing successes from 2020. If you have spent time in the field this fall, you are sure to have made many memories. Please share your memories and pictures with us!

Please make sure that pictures are tasteful and respectful.

In September, 11-year-old Sophia Ramirez and her dad Carlos set out for her second hunt. She successfully harvested a pronghorn doe. She used the E-Tag app for tagging and is taking a section of flagging to complete the process. Department photo by Tristanna Bickford.

Also, don’t be afraid to send us pictures that are about the story and not just the harvest.
You can send them to us through:
1) Facebook Messenger
2) Tag us on Instagram @nmgameandfish and use #huntnm2020

Please include the name(s) of everyone pictured, age (if youth), hometown, species you were after and the game management unit you hunted or the water you were fishing. If you have a good story, lessons learned, fun experience, etc. please share it with us.

Don’t forget! The Department also offers a weekly fishing report. If you have a catch of the week story or just want to tell us about your latest New Mexico fishing experience, send it to us at We may include your story in the weekly report.

In September, the Department launched the New Mexico Bass Challenge. Rick Torres jumped at the opportunity to travel New Mexico on a solo trip to catch the four species of bass that are required to complete the bass challenge. In just three days, Rick completed the challenge and submitted this picture to record his successes. Photo provided by Rick Torres.



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