Tyson Sanders

Tyson Sanders is the Sergeant in the Albuquerque Supervisory District for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.

April, 2017

  • 13 April

    Fishing back to Berrendo

    An area of the Berrendo River on the outskirts of Roswell offers a quality angling experience and now sports a parking area that can hold up to 30 vehicles. NMDGF photo by Tyson Sanders, New Mexico Wildlife magazine Spring 2017 Vol60, Num1, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.

    Many partners work together to bring fishing back to Berrendo A red bridge passes over the Berrendo River on Red Bridge Road just north of East 19th Street on the outskirts of Roswell. Nowadays it’s more of an orange bridge from years of weathering. Just east of the bridge is …