About that wild game donation slip… do I really need to fill it out?

Yes, you do, said Corporal Jake Baulch with the Truth or Consequences Supervisory District. “Anyone in possession of game or fish needs to be in possession of a valid license, game tag, certificate or permit or invoice,” he said.

In the following Q&A, Baulch answers more questions about why the donation slip is so important.

?Why would an officer even ask to see a certificate?
The possession of wildlife is highly regulated because before wildlife regulations big game species were nearly hunted to extinction. The donation certificate required ensures the game or fish was legally harvested and the individual possessing the game or fish is in lawful possession.

?If I received wild game meat from a friend of family member, for how long do I need to keep the certificate?
If you receive game meat or fish from a family member, the donation certificate should be kept for the duration of time you are in possession of the game and fish.

?Do we have to provide a possession certificate, or have a certificate on hand, for fish?
If someone wants to give you fish then yes you would need to have a donation certificate for the fish.

?What about small game? For example, if I harvest a few squirrels and give one to a friend, do I have to give him or her a certificate?
The same is true for small game as well. If you give your friend a squirrel then you would have to give him/her a donation certificate for them to be in lawful possession of the squirrels.

?What if I want to donate meat to a food bank or homeless shelter? Do I still need to provide a certificate?
Yes, if meat is donated to a homeless shelter or food bank you would have to provide the establishment with a donation certificate for the game or fish donated to them.

?Is there a limit to how much wild meat I can give to a person, or organization?
There is not a limit on how much game or fish you can donate to a person or organization. You just have to provide them with a donation certificate for all of the game and fish donated.

The donation certificate can be found on page 119 of the 2020-2021 Hunting Rules & Information book.



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