April, 2020

  • 14 April

    Elaine’s Dutch Oven Doves

    If you enjoyed some time in the field last dove season, you may still have a package of dove breasts you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Or perhaps you’ve just been holding out for one of those unhurried days when you can take your time to make something nice. …

  • 14 April

    Elk Stew

    There are those days that, for one reason or another, you find yourself holed up at home with nowhere to go and some time to spend in the kitchen. If you have some elk in your freezer from last hunting season, you can prepare this delicious stew using a few …

  • 13 April

    Rainbow Trout on the Grill

    Trout cooks quickly and is easy to season depending on your taste. You can use a whole trout that has been gutted and cleaned or just the filets. For this recipe I will be using filets.  Grill time depends on how large your fish is. In this recipe, you will …

  • 13 April

    Grilled Sandhill Crane Breast

    Sandhill crane, also often called “Ribeye of the Sky” by hunters, is a fantastic game meat. These large birds can be hunted here in New Mexico, mostly by draw; you won’t be disappointed with the hunting experience or taste of their dark meat.

  • 13 April

    Wild Turkey Nuggets

    Hunting wild turkeys is a passion of mine and eating them, if I harvest a bird, is a bonus of a successful season spent in the Great Outdoors! Here is a simple recipe for wild turkey nuggets. The list of ingredients is short and simple: you transport them right to …

  • 13 April

    What’s for Dinner….It’s Oñates!

    Growing up as a young lad, one of my favorite meals my mom would make was called oñates! Oñates is chile meat or cubed up steak or roast from any wild game. In this recipe, I used white-tailed deer meat. It is battered in red chile powder and flour mixture …

March, 2020

  • 24 March

    Oryx and mushroom sliders

    Oryx and mushroom sliders

    Hunting—or having a hunter in your family or social circle— offers a tremendous opportunity for both hunters and non-hunters to expand your palate. I recently had the good fortune to receive one pound of ground oryx meat from a friend. I’ve cooked both elk and venison before, using ground venison …

October, 2019

  • 28 October

    Grilled rainbow trout with melted herb butter

    Rainbow trout can be caught year-round throughout the state. Our trout came from Cowles Pond in the Pecos Canyon. Rainbows can be served a variety of ways. We opted to simply grill it outside on our propane grill. Heat grill to medium-high. Place one side flat on the grill for …

June, 2019

  • 24 June

    Baja-Style Walleye Tacos

    Baja-Style Walleye Tacos. Photo photo courtesy of Alexa Henry

    Eric Frey, sportsfish program manager at the Department, adopted and adapted this recipe from local fishing guides in the Sea of Cortez. Baja fish tacos are traditionally made with salt water fish species such as dorado, cabrilla (grouper and sea bass) and trigger fish. Walleye has a firm flakey mild …

  • 13 June

    Elk green chile stew

    Elk green chile stew recipe. Department photos by Alexa J. Henry.

    With a freezer full of green chile pods from last fall’s harvest, this recipe is a nice way to use of some of those bags because the seasons change and green chile vendors are offering up fresh roasted chile. I typically make this stew with ground bison; using fresh elk …