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Plan Your Fall in New Mexico

Lake Roberts. Department photo. NMDGF

Even if you’re not a hunter or angler, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish properties, as well as state and federal public lands, offer countless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and take in the beauty of New Mexico’s diverse landscapes. “New Mexico has an explosion of orange, red and …

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Creating a rapport with raptors

American kestrel fledging. Photo credit: Dave Menke/USFWS.

Tips for coexisting with urban birds of prey Summer is here and with it comes an increased chance of encountering an urban raptor. Raptors are a category of bird that includes all eagles, falcons, hawks, kites, owls, harriers, osprey and usually vultures. While some of these winged predators are present …

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Catching kokanee

Salmon photo: Department photo by Martin Perea.

Kokanee salmon are not native to New Mexico. A land-locked sockeye salmon, they thrive in some of the deeper and colder plankton-producing lakes in our state such as Heron, El Vado, Navajo, Abiquiu and Eagle Nest Lakes. Kokanee mature between three to five years old and achieve sizes of three …

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