Martin Perea

Martin Perea
Martin Perea is the Videographer for the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish.

May, 2020

  • 28 May

    Pronghorn of New Mexico’s High Plains

    Pronghorn are among my favorite animals to photograph. There are some characteristics and habits that make them a very desirable subject to both professional and hobbyist photographers. Unlike deer and elk, they can likely be spotted at any time of day, offering more opportunities for successful photos. They are, however, …

April, 2020

  • 14 April

    Elaine’s Dutch Oven Doves

    If you enjoyed some time in the field last dove season, you may still have a package of dove breasts you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Or perhaps you’ve just been holding out for one of those unhurried days when you can take your time to make something nice. …

  • 14 April

    Elk Stew

    There are those days that, for one reason or another, you find yourself holed up at home with nowhere to go and some time to spend in the kitchen. If you have some elk in your freezer from last hunting season, you can prepare this delicious stew using a few …